21 Times Designers Failed In The Worst Way Possible.

Creativity without common sense can be disastrous and fun.

In some cases, the innovations can be really interesting and make us see things from one angle. The problem is when designers just go overboard.

Take a look at a series of moments in this list where designers only had to do one thing and they failed impressively:

Everyone who passes by has a little mishap.

Decorations at a children’s party make you think wrong.

This is a sink or urinal.

Poor Elsa, her face looks very different.

Whoever designed these gloves didn’t realize the finger sizes.

They went through with the modifications.

A pool for ghost dogs.

These dishes look dirty all the time.

These sneakers have a bad color.

What do these curtains look like?

They did not follow a pattern.

It was to protect us from the water and it created a waterfall.

White pants with brown spots is not a good combination.

I don’t think it was a great idea to put the slide there.

Terrible directions.

«Redirecting to the web version
Go to the desktop version
No, go to the desktop version»

What’s wrong with the traditional model?

Garage not designed for large cars.

This drain does not work

All against common sense

“I asked the pastry chef to use the USB to put the image of the center of the cake, I think I was not clear.”

I don’t feel like watching this

Clothes that are not as you imagine.

Ok, is that an ‘A’ or an ‘I’?

 And I was wondering why my son doesn’t want to take a bath.

How many angers have passed in this bathroom.

In case you want to know who your neighbor is that smells bad.

Comfortable and refreshing.

 I don’t feel like opening this door

Terminator baby is looking for you

Just not

Ingenuity without a shred of common sense can lead to disasters like the ones you just saw. Share this gallery with your designer friends so they know they always have to think twice about their projects.

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