21 People Who Used Lots Of Filters On Their Photos With Hilarious Results.

They used to say “paper can take anything“, and now apparently “a social media page can take anything” and apparently has to take a lot, due to the billions of users who don’t stop uploading content either on photographs, videos or writings, within them there is a handful that always upload everything honestly.

However, everyone else is ready to plunge into the abyss of lies and photoshop to expose themselves in the best light. Fortunately, most respect at least some limits, but there are also individuals who have long since completely cut themselves off from reality. If you don’t believe us, take a look at this gallery where we compile some of the most bizarre and absurd photo editions:

What a change with so much filter.

The shadow gives it away.


Impossible to recognize without filter

Looks like Ken this guy.

Is seriously ?

If this is how her photos look on official IDs, I wouldn’t recognize her

In the photo / On video

Those lips, are they natural?

Maybe this is a new type of art?

What kind of creature is this?

The difference is obvious.

Another example of In video / In photography:

It seems that there are bodies that curve space-time:

Hmmmm I don’t know:

That dent must be expensive

 In the photo on Instagram / In real life

Can he breathe with that nose?

What expressive eyes

So fascinated by photoshop that you didn’t notice that the joint between the glass is missing

Surely you know someone who also excessively uses photoshop or some photo editing tool, share this gallery with them so they know they don’t have to abuse it and make them smile.

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