20 Times The Scenery In The Photo Caught More Attention Than The Rest.

Have you ever heard of “photobombing?”. It is a term that practically cannot be translated , but which means the act of deliberately “ruining” another person’s photo in a comical and hilarious way. It may sound silly, but the truth is that a lot of people are real experts at this, and they end up creating some really funny scenes.

In this list, you will see a series of photos where the landscape or the background ends up attracting more attention than what was actually being photographed.

Check out…

And the award for the best lifeguard in the world goes to…

“My mom was visiting me, and she got this surprise during the photo I took.”

The best photobomb ever.

Someone bring this guy an award.

Dolphins are playful animals, and apparently like to get in the way of other people’s photographs.

This is probably the best photo ever taken at Christ the Redeemer.

How long did it take you to realize?

I went to take a picture of my girlfriend when all of a sudden…

When you want to appear in the picture anyway.

Where is the dog?

The funniest horse you’ll see today.

“This family made a fuss of our photo.”

“My parents made a new friend while on vacation.

“I ruined this photo of my brother’s wedding.”

This reporter didn’t check his scenario before going live directly from his home, in the pandemic.

You can’t be angry with an “invader” like that!

He’s got the waddle!

Just in time!

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