20 People Who Went Too Far To Make Your Job Easier.

We have all heard of “Life Hacks”. If you don’t know what it is, in short, it can be called a gadget or way to make daily activities and work easier.

These solutions can be very creative or they can go so far that they can even ignore natural laws or even common sense itself. The list below contains several images that play on the dividing line between a true “Life Hack” or something that mocks death and it’s up to you to decide if it’s too shiny or something too silly:

1. I call this teamwork

2. This is everything you should avoid if you value the safety of your children.

3. I would not want to be the owner of that window.

4. How many electrical courses do you need to take to reach this level of knowledge?

5. Or for level 2

6. Engineering works of art.

7. This is the best proof that duct tape can solve any problem.

8. One wrong move and you can cause a barbeque rain.

9. New use for tires!

10. Modern Tower of Babel.

11. Nobody has that security

12. This car is a hero.

13. This is trust in your partner’s work

14. And this is trust in physics:

15.“Don’t speed, for God’s sake!”

16. I hope he survives to tell everyone about his brilliant idea.

17. I really hope he knows what he’s doing.

18. I don’t think this is very safe

19. Let’s hope he doesn’t get tired of his arm.

20. When safety doesn’t come first.

Which image surprised you the most? Or which scared you the most? Share this gallery with your friends so they don’t imitate anything they saw in this note.

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