20 Names For Babies With 3 Letters That Are In Fashion, We Tell You What They Mean.

For any parent, the name that they will give their child is a very important decision, since it will not only be the way to identify it, the name also reflects the qualities that they want to give to the baby, some think that it should honor the cultural identity and familiar and others think that it should be a name that the baby will be proud of when he grows up.

There are countless names, but today parents have become more modern and choose short names for their children. Three-letter names are easier to pronounce, especially when it comes to combining long last names, and they’re also fashionable.

Many people may confuse these names with nicknames, but they have become so fashionable because of the way they sound and because of their meaning, that soon there will be more and more people calling themselves that.

Next, we show you names with three letters for girls

Ana: This name comes from the Hebrew and means “graceful or full of grace”.

Eva: A Hebrew name with a great meaning “the one who has life” or “full of life”.

Lis: This name can be written in different ways either with “s” or “z” and means “God is abundance.”

Zoe: A very popular name in recent years, of Greek origin and means “full of life”.

Ada: This name is very cute and means “beauty”.

Emy: A beautiful name that means “blessed and protected.”

Ivy: The name of a plant with yellow flowers that comes from English.

Mel: A name of Greek origin meaning “sweet.”

Bia: A strong and proper name with a great meaning “strong and powerful”.

Isa: A very popular name today, it means “pure, chaste.”

Names with three letters for boys:

Ian: This name is very special as it means “gift from God”.

Oto: A name of Germanic origin that can also be written with two letters “t” and means “prosperous.”

Tom: A name of Armenian origin meaning “twin.”

Ben: With Hebrew origin Ben means “son”.

Eli: A Biblical name meaning “The Most High.”

Max: A name that has become very popular and has fascinated many people, it means “the oldest”.

Rui: This name of Germanic origin has a great meaning, “famous” or “powerful”.

Edu: Its meaning is “guardian of wealth”.

Leo: This name comes from Latin and means “lion”.

Teo: A name of Greek origin meaning “God”

Choosing our children’s names may be one of the most difficult tasks, as this will be their identification for the rest of their lives. So take the time to choose it and we hope that these options are to your liking.

And you, do you know what your name means? What name did you like the most on this list?

Consulted source: vix

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