20 Designers Who Totally Destroyed Common Sense

Designs that can be even dangerous.

Designers are only human beings and they can have a bad day or a failed experiment, just like any of us. Some of these designers even present their “masterpieces” as the best things ever created.

In their honor, we’ve listed some of the funniest design glitches of all time. Look at them:

1. If this is for children, I don’t want to know who painted it.

2. When you fail in the measurements and it is not your fault.

3. Someone tell the designer that this shape doesn’t look very good

4. This sweater looks so weird.

5. Putting tile on your car I don’t think it’s a good idea.

6. How does this mirror work?

7. “Here we will put a bathroom.”

8. Yes, this is the design.

9. This doesn’t look appetizing.

10. Fun not totally guaranteed.

11. The worst pet ever.

12. It’s so easy to use that faucet.

13. When the security door looks more like a staircase.

14. Imagine going down these stairs drunk…

15. Or on these.

16. “Kitchen design is my passion”

17. What do you notice is missing here?

18. No, no, no, no.

19. This is a bad place to put your fire alarm.

20. Does this seem dangerous to you?

Do you have design flaws you want to share? Leave them in the comments! Send this gallery to your designer friends so they can avoid making these mistakes.

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