20 Christmas Trees That Should Receive A Creativity Award.

Some people take advantage of Christmas to unleash all the creativity, designed and organized for a whole year: this is how Christmas trees become much more than just a traditional symbol of this festival. True works of genius that deserve to be exhibited in a museum rather than within the four walls of the house. The good thing is that when creativity reaches its highest level, you don’t even need a “tree” to make a Christmas tree. Look at the photos in this gallery to understand what we’re talking about…

Could a chemistry lab Christmas tree be any different?

A Christmas tree in a library.

When the passion for science fiction also contaminates Christmas.

A Christmas tree made from succulents: magnificent!

The 2018 Christmas tree commemorated one of the most controversial events: the destruction of Bansky’s work during its auction!

Even the army does not give up celebrating Christmas in camp.

Christmas in carpentry style.

The invisible tree.

The town sheriff made the tree with the materials he had.

In a technology company… Christmas decorations were not found (ah, that famous and odious 404 error!)

The cats keep attacking the tree? You can always replace the tree with their house.

Where fir trees are not really common…. Native species still decorate themselves!

The magic of Christmas in a dance school.

Definitely the smallest illuminated Christmas tree in the world.

A few lights and a few decorations are enough for the magic of Christmas to arrive.

At the hospital, we manage as best we can.

A sloth’s Christmas tree.

The creativity of climbers!

Christmas in recycling mode: this tree is made from used plastic bottles.

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