19 Photos You Need To See To Better Understand The World

There are many things we still don’t know about our planet, and some we may never fully understand. Even so, the knowledge that science already has about our planet and the universe is very useful and needs to be shared:

1. Redwoods are just gigantic!

2. “I ordered a room service sandwich and they sent a robot to deliver it.”

3. Glacier in Iceland in 1986 and 2019.

4. The same signage in summer and winter.

5. Five thousand dollars in gold vs. five thousand dollars in silver.

6. A modern tomato and a tomato grown from 150-year-old seed.

7. A 128 GB device vs. 138.24 MB on floppy disks.

8. All of these photos were taken in the same location, each at a different time of year.

9. Unlike a candle that burns on Earth and in space.

10. Where the rivers collide in Geneva, Switzerland.

11. Turtle waking up from its hibernation period.

12. If Jupiter were located at the same distance from Earth as the Moon.

13. Border between California, United States, and Tijuana, Mexico.

14. Piece of paper seen through a microscope.

15. This is a representation of what it would be like if the entire observable universe could be compressed into a single image.

16. This shark, found in 2019, is approximately 392 years old.

17. It is believed that the hieroglyphs were like this before losing their colors.

18. This is the Moon when seen using ultraviolet and infrared filters.

19. Only half of that tree survived the fire.

This is how the world works and we almost never realize it. Life is so unique that we rarely dare to surprise ourselves. Share this gallery with everyone you know so they can marvel at how much life has to offer us.

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