19 Images That Show How Time Changes, But Love Doesn’t.

Many times, the past comes to mind in the form of memories. Nostalgia is what defines what we feel when we review our photo albums; making us laugh many times, but also filling our eyes with tears.

Even after a long time has passed, even after years and even decades, we can notice that our love has not changed in For this, science has an explanation: every time we feel something inside us, a series of motions move through our body. of messages. All that feeling triggers a process that is registered somewhere in our DNA. What you will see below is a compilation of photos shared by families who long to live moments from the past and chose to recreate it.

1. His love for his beloved is as timeless as his love for cake.

© maxxhock/ Reddit

2. Here, a difference of only 10 years

© LeviSnuts/Reddit

3. The bond between a father and daughter lasts forever

© dawsonalliah/Twitter

4. Comelona as a girl, comelona as an adult

© whimsicalfloozy/Reddit

5. Father’s love is incomparable. 

© dawsonalliah/Twitter

6. The little ones will always be little…

© TotallyTrustworthyInternetPerson/Imgur

7. Here, a difference of only 10 years.

© Gordondel/Reddit

8. Two-way love

© TotallyTrustworthyInternetPerson/Imgur

9. Sibling love

© TotallyTrustworthyInternetPerson/Imgur

10. When they think they’re superheroes.

© TotallyTrustworthyInternetPerson/Imgur

11. A fun birthday party.

© Aaronisarun/Reddit

12. Father and son posing together after 60 years.

© Magicmoonlight007/Reddit

13. Family together even though the years go by.

© byVideosdoDia/Imgur

14. Friendship that lasts forever

15. After 23 years

© _tidder_bus_/Reddit

16. Friends are always needed on our trips.

© RUSIRIUS7 / Reddit

17. Memorable moments fully recreated

18. Sleepovers never go out of style.

© TotallyTrustworthyInternetPerson/Imgur

19. Games will always entertain us, even if we are over 33 years old

© BigCarl/Reddit

Love is the most noble and beautiful feeling of all. It is capable of transforming the world to a much better world. It does not fade in time, but rather can grow through it; it knows no distances or borders; and it never fades.

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