18-Year-Old Parrot Joins His Human Singing Stairway To Heaven

The pandemic has brought about significant changes in our lives. While some view it negatively, one man and his parrot found it to be a positive experience.

Frank Maglio Jr and his wife, Gina, were among the many who found themselves confined to their homes, pondering how to occupy their time.

Frank enjoyed playing the guitar, but he was often too busy. During the pandemic, he finally had time to play and discovered his parrot’s hidden talent.

They adopted an Amazon parrot named Tico from an older British woman. Having a parrot brings them joy, but they were particularly delighted when they discovered the bird’s fondness for listening to the guitar.

Frank played the guitar while Tico sang along. They began with “Stairway to Heaven” and Gina started recording when Tico started singing.

They chose to upload a video on Facebook first, followed by YouTube. A brand new YouTube channel was created. Frank consistently shares videos of him singing with his pet parrot, and over 250,000 viewers have subscribed.

He not only shares his videos on YouTube but also on Facebook. People adore listening to his guitar playing, but they particularly adore Tico and his singing.

The feedback highlights how much people value hearing the birds sing and the distraction it brings. It was a source of comfort during the pandemic and is still important today.

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