18 Images Of Historical Figures Recreated As If They Were Living Today.

If you saw them on the street you wouldn’t recognize most of them.

Have you ever imagined what history books would be like if we could not only learn about historical events, but also see how the protagonists of such well-known scenarios possibly were?

That would be an amazing idea, wouldn’t it? Becca Saladin , a professional graphic designer, decided to bring this idea to life.

He recreated modern versions of historical figures as a hobby, just over a year ago. His work was so successful that she created ‘ Royalty Now’ , a series of images showing past and present historical portraits or reconstructions, in case these people are alive today.

The artist has always been fond of history and reports that when she was studying the subject, as a child, she wanted to know what the faces and faces of the people that the books talked about so much were like. Then, combining her Photoshop skills, her dream came true

1. Simonetta Vespucci, Botticelli’s Venus

2. Louis XIV, the king who ruled France from 1643 to 1715, known for having led the longest reign in French history

3. Anne Boleyn, the second wife of the King Henry VIII and Queen Consort of the Kingdom of England, 1533

4. Pocahontas, an Indian-American inhabitant known from the colonization period in Jamestown, Virginia

5. Shaka Zulu, a powerful South African king, who ruled the Zulu Kingdom from 1816 to 1828

6. The last pharaoh Cleopatra.

7. Queen Idia, Esigie’s mother, who ruled with Obá from Benin from 1504 to 1540 in present-day Nigeria. She was described as a great warrior

8. Hatshepsut, a great regent and queen pharaoh of ancient Egypt

9. Madame De Pompadour or Marquise de Pompadour, a French courtesan and mistress of King Louis XV of France, considered one of the leading French figures most emblematic of the 18th century

10. Queen Mary of Scots

11. Lucrezia Borgia, a Spanish-Italian noblewoman of the House of Borgia, daughter of Pope Alexander VI

12. Catherine Parr, Queen of England between 1543 and 1547

13. Mark Antony, an influential Roman military and political leader during the period crucial part of Roman history: the transition from an empire to an autocratic empire.

14. Simón Bolívar, a Venezuelan leader who worked in the Latin American wars for independence in the 19th century

15. Alexander Hamilton, one of the founders of the United States of America

16. King Richard III of England, the last king of the House of York

17. Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamen

18. Genghis Khan, leader of the Mughal empire

Would you recognize any of these historical figures today? They all seem very normal for the great achievements they had. We can all be historic when we support our communities. Share if you agree.

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