18 Hilarious Photos Where Perspective Will Play With Your Brain

Forced perspective is a technique often used by photographers to create optical illusions. Simply put, this way large objects can be made small and vice versa, very small objects can be made huge.

We bring to your attention a selection of examples of the use of this technique by ordinary amateur photographers:

1. A breath that takes everyone.

2. There is no size to play.

3. This is making a castle on another level.

4. Taking your friend everywhere has never been so easy.

5. A golf ball the size of a beach ball.

6. A puddle or a lake?

7. A cool hat.

8. What is the actual car?

9. Excellent idea for a family photo.

10. My dear, I ate the family.

11. Refreshing.

12. This is how a lot of moms feel juggling their little ones.

13. Resting a bit.

14. Another great idea for the beach.

15. The ideal thing to not fall.

16. A small toothpick.

17. The phrase “those shoes are too big for you” here is more literal.

18. A light trip.

Do you have cool perspective images? 

Leave them in the comments! Share this fun gallery with your friends to see if they can recreate a similar photo.

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