18 Celebrities Who Decided To Grow Old Without The Help Of A Scalpel.

There are those who want to age naturally.

It is common to think that those who have the money, in one way or another, will attend special clinics to avoid looking older. However, not everyone has decided to go through this.

In this list we present 18 celebrities who have decided to use the scalpel and age properly

Sandra Bullock – 58 years old

Helen Mirren – 77 years old

Kim Cattrall – 66 years old

Winona Ryder – 51 years old

Cate Blanchett – 54 years old

Julianne Moore – 62 years old

Rachel Weisz – 53 years old

Halle Berry – 56 years old

Jodie Foster – 60 years old

Amy Poehler – 51 years old

Tina Fey – 53 years old

Emma Thompson – 64 years old

Drew Barrymore – 48 years old

Diane Keaton – 77 years old

Salma Hayek – 56 years old

Sharon Stone – 64 years old

Julia Roberts – 55 years old

Kate Winslet – 47 years old

Which celebrity surprised you the most? If you could, would you decide on an aesthetic intervention? Leave us your comments and share this note so everyone can see these celebrities who decided to say no to the scalpel.

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