17 Three-dimensional Tattoos So Perfect They Look Like Paintings.

There are different forms of artistic expression and skin tattooing can be considered one of them. Some tattoo artists are, in fact, real artists, who create works of art on bodies with ink. Some of these tattoos even look real thanks to the games of color and shades made by these painters. We show you some of the most beautiful and realistic tattoos around the world.  

1. At your fingertips

2. Encounters of the third kind

3. Elegance

4. Heights

5. Rest

6. The white rabbit

7. Footprints

8. The arrival of spring

9. Hard heads

10. Skeleton

11. Vortex

12. Values

13. Having music in your blood

14. Hunting

15. Photographic set

16. Cobras

17. To not lose your way

all images credit – WhyDontYouUseTheGoogle/imgur

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