17 photos showing the real size of things compared to the size of the man.

Our mind gets used to seeing things a certain way, as if they were “standard” and always the same. For example, we believe that a bookcase is made in a certain way, that a wheel has a specific size, or that a cactus or a bamboo cane cannot exceed a certain height.

Although this is completely normal, we are actually wrong because we often forget that in reality some things can be very different from what we expect or have always imagined. And that’s how we make incredible discoveries, like the people in the photos we’re going to show you, by comparing “to scale” the actual size of certain objects or animals . The results ? You be the judge: these 17 images are more incredible than the others!

1. Mining vehicles vs. humans: a nice comparison, no doubt!


These people can’t even get halfway through a wheel…

2. The huge clock and two “little” humans


An impressive photo, taken directly from the Abraj Al Bait tower in Mecca.

3. Feeling small in the face of culture


It is possible, at the Tianjin Binhai library, located in China.

4. This man is of average height, so the wheel is really tall!


5. Even the famous faces of Easter Island are not what they seem…


See what happens when you dig around one!

5. “My Girlfriend’s Hand and a Great Dane’s Paw”


A photo that does not need much explanation!

7. The greatness of nature compared to us


A rather iconic photo, taken in the salt mines of Garmsar, Iran.

8. Probably the biggest wine barrel in the world!


9. Don’t just call it a “moth”…


This specimen is a real giant!

10. Have you ever seen such a long worm?


Impressive to say the least, compared to this girl!

11. The reconstruction of a bald eagle’s nest


12. Have you ever thought that streetlights are so tall?


“It fell in the snow near my house, writes the author of the photo, and I put my hand on it to specify the size.”

13. Simply calling it “cactus” would be simplistic…


14. A memorable block of quartz, to say the least.


This man found it while digging to install electric cables!

15. Just a “little” snowfall…


She fell for just a few hours: impressive!

16. The man and the propeller!


17. Bamboo canes so big you can climb on them!


Have you ever realized the real size of certain things when you have been around them?

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