17 People Who Prove Time Can Make Better Changes Than A Plastic Surgeon

The story about the ugly duckling was created so that children would be shown how complex nature is and how much someone can change. The fact that the looks of 13 and 23 years are very different is undeniable. And young people just need to be patient and go through a “terrible” age, in order to then work with a formed body. Even if you weren’t able to win the genetic lottery, with proper effort, training, and self-care, they can become a beautiful swan.

That was the case of these 17 people who, with the necessary time and dedication, had a better change than with a plastic surgeon:

1. A comparison of the same person in high school and 10 years later.

2. Ages 12 to 29.

3. When she was a teenager, she was often mistaken for boys, but she grew up to be who she always wanted to be. She is 11 years old in the first photo and 30 in the second.

4. Only 5 years later.

5. “18 and 22. I started eating better and went to exercise”

6. “2 years after starting to work on her skin.”

7. This is the same person 10 years later.

8. After childhood is left behind, there are many changes in a person.

9. 10 years have passed between the photos and it cannot be said that her lifestyle has changed. But the appearance is definitely yes.

10. As a teenager, she was being bullied for her appearance, so she grew up to become a psychologist.

11. At 16 and 32. There are still acne scars.

12. At 18 and 23.

13. Her cheeks are still the same, but everything else has changed.

14. The eyes and teeth had to be cured, the habit of wearing a tie had to be eliminated. That’s the whole recipe for self-confidence.

15. At 12 and 25.

16. At 15 and 18. The main thing is not to stray from the path.

17. “When she was 14 and now 29.”

Time is everyone’s best friend when it comes to making a big change, don’t you think? It’s just a matter of discipline and a bit of genetic luck.

Do you have images of changes this impressive? Leave them in the comments! Share this gallery with whoever you think needs to know that everything is temporary and that something better is coming.

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