17 Images That Show Us The World We Live In From A Completely Different Perspective…

In a world where we are overloaded with images, photographs, colors, sounds that are constantly shown to us through the bright screens of our PC, smartphone or television, the risk of being overwhelmed by trivial and repetitive images is very great. For this reason, it is becoming increasingly rare to stop and admire original photographs or images that can show us the world from a completely different perspective than the one we know. This gallery really wants to open our eyes again to everything new, unusual, curious.

A group of manatees are being fed sweet potatoes!

An exceptional transparent sculpture representing a whale: inside an ancient vessel!

Bacteria settled on a child’s hand after hours of play in a park

A picture of the control room of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, now left to its own devices…

A spooky dolls house from 1880, at the height of the Victorian era

Two keys with the same numbering although they are of different sizes: how is this possible?

A “window” carved from a single body of stone; we are in Kobe, Japan

This walnut looks like a little owl, doesn’t it?

The effect of the shadows on this door creates a real arrow!

But who the hell built this bench in the countryside?

A coffee stain reminiscent of a piece of the moon in every way!

A 1956 promotional image predicts the shape of telephones in the future: Come on, he’s got us!

This is what an apple and banana looks like rotting in a locked office for 6 months!

A chain so badly eroded by sea salt that it looks like it’s made of wood!

Some trees in Finland are completely covered in snow during the severe winter, seeming to be straight out of a science fiction landscape…

What do you think of this octopus-shaped chandelier? Original!

A stream gushing out of a tree trunk… wow!

Do you still think you know everything the world around you has to offer?

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