17 Absurd Security Flaws That Are Hard To Believe.

We all know that prudence is a virtue, after all, avoiding risk and dealing with unforeseen circumstances is a great way to avoid major problems. However, when it comes to security, if factor and common sense are discounted, prudence quickly becomes a fine example of stupidity.

We’ve compiled 17 absurd and hilarious security flaws that are too dumb to be true. Look at them:

1.A great shortcut option… for the coffin

2. The garage for flying cars:

3. Do they get in by stairs or by climbing? That is the question.

4. The more security, the better:

5. When you don’t trust technology…but are serious about your security:

6. The future of electric fences:

7. “Do anything but knock on the door please.”

8. There’s Obviously An Invisible Wall There:

9. How To Confuse The Inattentive:

10. Laziness Is The Mother Of Invention:

11. Maximum Security Entrance:

12. No One Will Dare Invade Your Home With A Killer Robot Like This :

13. I’ll never forget the moment my mom put this lock on one of the bathroom drawers when I was a kid…

14. You’ll never forget the combination to this lock:

15. Don’t underestimate the power of duct tape:

16. When you trust on people, but still want that extra “security”:

17. Better safe than sorry:

Have you encountered security bugs this big? Leave us your stories in the comments. Share this gallery with your distracted friends so they can see that they’re not the only ones who can make a little mistake like this.

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