16 Poses You Need to Try for Your Beach Photos

The time of year has arrived when our body screams “playaaaaaa!” And of course, it is fair and necessary to give him a break after an exhausting semester at school or a very stressful season at work.

And what better way to take advantage of the beach and the sun than by taking some very original photographs? Take a look at these options and shine on social networks.

1. The typical full body cannot be missing

2. Looking towards the horizon

3. From the bottom up

4. Getting out of the pool

5. In the hammocks

6. Show off your backside

7. Show off your tan

8. Yes, coconuts are also good companions

09. One from the hand of your love

10. Playing in the waves

11. And also with the sand

12. Don’t be afraid to get wet

13. As if you were the queen of the sea

14. Don’t forget a sit in the sand

15. Lying on the sand

16. Let out your funniest side

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