16 Photos That Show The Great Power Of Makeup With A Before And After

While some artists have mastered Photoshop brushes to give some of their models an “upgrade” to people’s looks, makeup artists put on a talent show with their makeup kits. Therefore, their results sometimes end up being so impressive that it is hard to believe that the photos have not been touched up by the programs, since, using only cosmetics, ordinary women are transformed into stunning magazine cover girls, Worthy of! a red carpet!

No wonder there is a popular saying in Russia that “before getting married, you should take your girlfriend to the sauna”. That’s because in the sauna you can see the real person, without all the cosmetics that can fool the eyes. This old adage/lore arose long before the Photoshop era and today we can say that this sauna test is probably the most requested.

However, we cannot deny that makeup works miracles , as it can also reinforce a person’s natural attributes and give their self-esteem a boost. This was the case with the following images: Take a look at these 16 before and after photos showing the power of makeup in different parts of the world

1. Azerbaijan:

2. Russia:

3. Russia:

4. EU:

5. India:

6. EU:

7. EU:

8. EU:

9. South Korea:

10. EU:

11. EU:

12. Russia:

13. EU:

14. Russia:

15. South Korea:

16. Lebanon:

Without a doubt, mastering the art of makeup can totally change a person. Do you like to wear makeup? What do you think of these changes? Leave us your comments. Share this note with your friends so they can see what “a little cat’s hand” can do to anyone’s appearance.

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