16 People Who Ordered Things Online And Were Disappointed When They Received Them.

Checking if the sales are real should be a rule.

We have all tried shopping online at some point in our lives. Either through social networks or through one of the most common stores that we all know.

Probably you or one of your friends have already been the victim of a wrong delivery or of receiving something that is different from what you originally wanted. In the following list you will meet 16 people who made a purchase online and received a funny disappointment. Continue sliding to check it out

1. “I took a chance and decided to buy this dress for $60 and completely wasted my money when I saw it in it.”

2. “The bone I ordered for my dog ​​is bigger than him.”

3. “How did I order something from Shrek and get an AC/DC shirt?”

4. “I ordered this dress for my prom and now I don’t know what else to wear.”

5. “I wanted to prank my boyfriend by wrapping his birthday present with my face, but I never thought there would be so much paper.”

6. This embroidered dog looks anything but a dog.

7. “This garment was supposed to be for plus-size people.”

8. “This skirt is more see-through than I thought.”

9. ” I bought this costume thinking it would look classy and sassy, ​​but I look like I just rolled out of bed in my pajamas.”

10. What you ask for vs. What comes to you

11. Was this used to sharpen knives or pencil sharpeners?

12. This decoration looked prettier in the ad.

13. It doesn’t even come with the print.

14. What you expected to come / What comes to you.

15. They never specified the actual size

16. The dress is definitely not the same

Have you been the victim of an order that did not reach you well? Leave us your anecdotes in the comments! Share this gallery with your friends who love shopping online.

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