16 Expensive Mistakes That Hurt Both Your Heart And Your Pocket.

We all know from a young age that “making mistakes is human.” After all, it is through mistakes that we can learn, and by learning, we grow.

Of course, there are levels of mistakes, with different responsibilities and all, but it’s always important that we look for a way to avoid carrying the blame throughout life. That, of course, if you don’t end up taking down a $290 million satellite, as you’ll see below. So… things get a little trickier.

We’ve compiled 16 costly mistakes that will hurt both your heart and your pocketbook. Get ready:

1. Goodbye, dear $16,000 wine

2. Never leave your dog near a Porsche (or any car):v

3. When you forget you parked your truck on top of the electronic garage:

4. Someone accidentally threw the foam firefighting:

5. A $300,000 Porsche that crashed during a test drive:

6. This guy sank his cars trying to save his $300,000 boat:

7. Looks like your internet is going on vacation:

8. This is what happens when you stand in the back of a bus:

9. A landslide on a highway:

10.Cement was accidentally poured on this car:

11. Two cruise ships collided:

12. This genius decided to park on the beach:

13. A $290 million satellite fell straight to the ground:

14. $5,000 CAD after being placed in the microwave for his “sanitizing”:

15. My inner alcoholic is suffering:

16. 5 million dollars of an “oops.”

As you can see, to err is human, but it can also cost a lot of money. You better be careful what you do, it can cost a lot. Share this painful but funny gallery with your friends, so that they also keep an eye on their activities.

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