16 Designers who should be fired immediately

Not everyone has the gift of common sense it seems.

We live design every day, from the pants you wear every day to the way you use your smartphone with which you are viewing this article.

But there are a number of designers who, despite being professionally hired, seem to have taken the common sense out of their brain. As an example, here we present 16 designers who failed terribly when making their creations:

1. I think that’s not the position of the brain.

2. The best in web security:

3. Unbelievable similarities.

4. That photograph was like something out of a horror story.

5. This designer didn’t make it past preschool?

6. What an uncomfortable way to sleep. Not to mention how fake those masks look.

7. He Never use stock photos without buying them first.

8. Why did they do this to the poor panda?

9. I guess there are no more yellow things than ducklings.

10. Automotive design is my passion.

11. If someone knows who did this, never hire them.

12. I think this person does not know about contrast.

13. I doubt anyone wants to wear that dress.

14. This guy even bulked up with those insoles.

15. Yes, they look alike but Mexico is not Italy.

16. I think I had too many colors.

Do you have photographs of such funny designs? Do not leave without leaving them in the comments! Share this gallery with your designer friends so they can see what poor planning can do to their projects.

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