15 Slightly Crazy But Surprisingly Useful Ideas.

If life instead of giving you lemons gives you sour plums, there are two ways out of that, you can look for a recipe that consists of cherry and cook it or you can not waste time and make the same lemonade, showing imagination and modifying the details on the progress. Because it is very interesting, original and simpler.

Thus, like the previous example, the 16 people who are in this gallery had to adapt in order to continue. Check it out for yourself and swipe to find out:

1. “At my grandmother’s house they bought an inverted clock so they could see it in the mirror.

2. When it rained my feet slipped off the pedals and I had to improvise.

3. How to quickly identify your suitcase:

4. A responsible and beautiful way to put a fence that damages the trees.

5. “We didn’t have a coffee table in the living room for a while and had to use something else.”

6. Believe it or not, this floor made of pennies on the dollar was cheaper than a real floor:

7. “A WWII memorabilia my grandmother picked up as a child is now a vase.”

08. One person smeared the entire wall with their hands and the next day an artist did his thing.

09. How to fit a round ham inside a sandwich:

10. The best way to hide plugs.

11. You can clean your vacuum, with your vacuum, in case you needed to know.

12. The children had homework to paint something, my husband suggested that they draw it while asleep. They do their homework and he rests, that man is brilliant.

13. The best way to keep your coins or keys safe while doing sports.

14. “My boss ties important notes to the drawstrings of his sweatshirt so he doesn’t forget them.”

Human ingenuity has no limits, some ideas can help us solve common problems. Share this gallery to see if your friends have the creativity that these people did.

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