15 Photos Of Objects And Animals So Large That You Feel Small And Lost

We all have phobias or fears, most of which do not come from our own experiences, but belong to us irrationally and not logically. Why are so many people afraid of the dark? Besides the more common fears – like spiders or the dark – there are less common fears, or fears that we didn’t know existed until we were faced with situations that created an immediate feeling of unease and disorientation. : megalopolis, for example, is a fear of tall things. Think of huge cruise ships, a skyscraper, the depths of the sea, impossibly tall statues. Some people, at this thought alone, would just like to hide their heads under their pillow. We present to you 15 photos of objects and animals so large that even people who don’t suffer – or didn’t know they did – from megalopolis would feel lost and tiny.

#1. A sort of “underwater waterfall” that makes us anxious just by looking at it.

image credit: obudingusKhan/reddit

#2. Two men in the middle of anchor chains: their size can be almost frightening.

image credit: astrotheastro/reddit

#3. The statue represents a goddess, and it is the tallest statue in Japan.

image credit: Aliciab12/reddit

She towers over the city and seems to be watching what happens to the little inhabitants below.

#4. A dam whose real size we can only imagine.

image credit: reddit

#5. Mount Fuji, seen from a neighboring inhabited center: immense, majestic and for some even frightening.

image credit: david good / reddit

#6. Two sculptures representing the heads of horses, which seem to light up when the storm arrives.

image credit: Love Love Lie/reddit

#7. The size of a person, in perspective, compared to that of a ship.

image credit: Janowsk/reddit

#8. Africa’s tallest statue: look how tiny the people below look.

image credit: traditionaldrummer/reddit

#9. The size of a fish compared to that of a man.

image credit: cryptomelane/reddit

#10. A fallen tree that gives us a perspective on the extent of its base.

image credit: MrDootii/reddit

#11. Do you think this tower is tall? Take a good look at the bottom right: this dark spot is a man.

image credit: Syloh/reddit

#12. A ship with a crew of two members.

image credit: hestebid / reddit

Watching it from below must be both a fascinating and disturbing experience.

#13. We know that giraffes are very tall animals, but a lot of people didn’t think they could grow to this size.

image credit: LazthopeMC/reddit

#14. It is a road, but not like many others: from above, you can get an idea of ​​its size.

image credit: content4meplz/reddit

#15. A vehicle that looks like the protagonist of a sci-fi movie.

image credit: YoBoiWitTheShits/reddit

And you ? How did you feel watching these images?

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