15 People (And Animals) Who Are Far From Having A Good Day.

You don’t have to believe in fate to agree that life often plays us in extremely funny or unexpected ways.

Whether this was all designed or by chance, whatever, the fact remains that these people were definitely not expecting these situations that they had to face

1. “We installed this water filter three years ago. Today, we changed it and realized that we never removed the plastic around the filter. In other words, he never leaked anything.”

2. “She switched seats with me before the flight because she wanted to be by the window.”

3. “I opened the barbecue and burned all the hair on her arm. She did not hurt, but the smell was horrible ».

4. When things go totally wrong.

5. “I left a can of tuna in the cage to try to catch a raccoon that was bothering me, this is what I found in the morning.”

6. « I sat on my favorite sunglasses. I bought another pair and it too broke almost immediately.”

7. “A boy bought a watermelon from a boy who was selling fruit on the street, but he had to keep holding it like that, because it wouldn’t go through the bars of the train.”

8. « I spent the whole day making ramen for my family. It was my first time cooking this (they don’t eat pork so I made chicken ramen), they decided to go to my brother-in-law’s house for dinner at the last minute.”

9. “I haven’t eaten at a McDonalds in 10 years…Now I remember why.”

10. “A tree fell in my apartment.”

11. “I was planning to propose, but our courtship ended before then.”

12. This dog’s owner got confused at bath time and swapped out the shampoo for hair dye.

13. This dog’s fear of receiving an unexpected bite.

14. This was certainly not what she expected.

15. “My father’s truck crashed into another truck that was carrying rotten potatoes to a farm. Worst of all, one of the windows was open.”

Whenever you have a bad day, look at these images again. Do you have photos of your bad day? leave them in the comments. Share this gallery with your friend that you think he needs it.

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