14-yr-old buys camper from 1974 and renovates it, one look inside and I’m speechless.

During summer vacation, many students are unsure about how to spend their free time. Some teenagers choose to work, while others opt for attending camps or going on vacations with their families. However, Ellie Yeater, a 14-year-old from West Virginia, had a clear plan for her summer.

She dedicated her time to realizing her dream of converting an old camper into a lovely spot to chill with her friends.

And what’s the outcome? This girl truly deserves all the admiration in the world… Share it.

During the summer of 2016, Ellie Yeater, who was 14 years old at the time, used her birthday money to renovate a camper from 1974, transforming it into her own beautiful space.

Version 1: Renovating the interior required a significant amount of effort. The furniture had remained untouched since the 70s and required a complete overhaul..

“It needed work… lots of work,” Elli’s mom, Lori, told Woodcraft. 

Ellie was prepared to tackle her dream project, so she began by removing the old flooring. With her father and brother, who are skilled renovators, by her side, she had their support and guidance throughout the process.

Ellie was prepared to begin her dream project, so she began by scraping the floors. Her father and brother, who are skilled renovators, were there to support and advise her.

She desired to add her personal touch, thus she painted it with a vibrant and stunning shade of blue named “mystic sea.”

Now, it was time to address the interior. Ellie chose a peachy shade for the paint and added aqua blue accents.

Ellie installed a new floor, replacing the outdated 70s tiles with modern wood-patterned ones.

Now, it was Ellie’s turn to bring in the decorations. Even Ellie’s grandmother joined in at this stage, sewing curtains, towels, and pillowcases.

Ellie transformed the camper into her own private retreat in just one summer, and the difference in the before and after photos is amazing. It’s pretty remarkable that a 14-year-old was able to accomplish this project. Amazing!

Ellie received support and guidance from her family while working on her project. They were eager to assist her with her summer endeavor and were always welcome to visit her in her camper.

Ellie’s mom, Lori, says she has never told her that she couldn’t do anything. Ellie has always been a creative thinker. Lori wants Ellie to know that she doesn’t have to follow the rules and can think outside the box. She wants Ellie to explore her creativity and fill the entire page with colors!

Discuss engaging in productive activities during summer break! Great work, Ellie!

Do you agree that Ellie deserves a big round of applause for her excellent work?

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