14 Times Women Fooled Everyone With Their Profile Pictures

It’s a shame when you take a photo trying to find the perfect lighting, pose and angle, only to be tagged in others where you look all disheveled.

These girls are proof that good photography and sophisticated makeup are the key to looking like models, even though in real life they look just like any mortal.

1. Angle is everything

2. Models are also deadly

3. All girls have our “ugly” side

4. He doesn’t even look like the same person

5. That’s why I never leave the house without painting my eyebrows.

6. I wish I was as photogenic as her

7. We all need a cat’s hand sometimes

8. The pose changes the figure

09. When you open the front camera by mistake

10. That’s why I don’t upload full body photos

11. Photos from above make you look thinner

12. Boyfriends vs. of married

13. The magic of makeup and good lighting

14. Payday vs. the rest of the week

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