14 Photos Show Us In A Hilarious Way That We Never Get Bored With Family.

Who said family life was monotonous and repetitive? A day spent indoors can sometimes turn into a real adventure that is hard to forget. You do not believe in it ? Ask all those fathers, mothers, brothers or sisters who have experienced situations similar to those we are going to present to you.

Naughty and overly lively children, creative solutions, mind-blowing moments: being with the family, especially with children, can really be a way to never get bored. Every day we can surprise ourselves with something unpredictable, fun and – why not – tenderly disastrous. We have collected 14 photos below that sum it up better than a thousand words: ready to discover them?

1. When the video game game doesn’t end well…


Obviously, the children who played are not very good players, and here are the results…

2. He has a pool, but he prefers the bucket.


3. My son, what a player!


He loves to play hide and seek like this, and each time it’s a new scare!

4. Mom, where did my sandwich go?


Who knows where he is…

5. “I had asked my son to close the bag of chips with pliers”


6. “I only left my kids alone for five minutes, and I thought everything was quiet.”


7. Morning arguments in the car? Problem solved !


This dad’s idea for much calmer car rides… Brilliant, isn’t it?

8. How to fix a broken headlight


A child’s solution: creative for sure, effective perhaps a little less…

9. He hit a spray paint can with a pipe, just for fun: the results are pretty obvious


10. Hello, may I come in?


When we go to the bathroom, we don’t remember to close the door properly and we have a curious child…

11. “I told him not to eat the donuts I bought for me and my wife.”


12. Mom, I put my plate in the dishwasher!


Are we really sure he did it the right way?

13. Unforgettable souvenir photos


14. He really didn’t want to leave that phone until he had his say in a memorable way.


Have you ever found yourself in similar situations in your family? Tell us about your most unique and funny experiences!

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