13 Women Who Have Chosen To Shave Their Hair, Satisfied With This “Liberation”

Bombed by rowdy advertisements, we convinced ourselves that we should take care of our hair as if we were doing a fashion show every day in front of spectators and photographic lenses. Smoothing shampoos, anti-frizz conditioners, foams to give volume, shiny oils, sprays of all kinds. In short, the bathroom looks like a real supermarket shelf …

Many women like to take care of their hair, others take pride in their natural hair. But more and more women are trying something quite unusual: They choose to shave their hair completely so they don’t have to worry about it anymore. In our opinion, the result is convincing!

#1. “The same t-shirt, but with a very different amount of hair”

#2. Goodbye to all that black hair, in favor of a shaved head of pastel purple.

#3. It takes a proper face to wear a shaved head in style, but some people look really pretty with that!

#4. It seems a lot of women really like this “extreme” haircut

#5. A more sober look, but no less fashionable.

#6. Many women experience their heads almost zero as a true liberation.

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#7. To have perfect hair, like influencers, you often spend hours and hours on your hair.

#8. There are those who do it for fashion, those who do it so as not to have to take care of the appearance of their hair excessively, the very short cut is the option that some dare to do.

#9. A real “bet”, because for many women, going without long hair means doing without their femininity.

#10. But these photos show that this is not always the case! You can still be feminine, even with a cut considered by most “men”

#11. It saves time, money and even money: when the hair is too long again, just take a clipper

#12. “A nice change”

#13. “Long hair versus no hair”. Who wins ?

How about you, would you like such a short haircut? Would you have the courage to try?

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