13 of the most beautiful birds in the world, whose plumage is an explosion of color

They can see the world from a breathtaking perspective, Mother Nature has colored it with the most beautiful colors, and they sing a very sweet melody who are we talking about? birds, of course! But today we want to introduce you to some birds that are among the most beautiful in the world because of their extraordinarily colorful plumage. From common parakeets to the rarest like the quetzal, here is a list that will fill your eyes with wonder!

The Gouldian finch typically has a light green back, wings and nape, purple breast, yellow belly and face with a red mask

Luminous quetzal males have a long green-feathered tail that can grow to a meter in length

The Grandala coelicolor is a striking blue

The magnificent lymphophore with its rainbow-colored plumage is the national bird of Nepal

If blue is your favorite color, this hyacinth macaw is sure to hit you!

The male of the Guiana rock cock is a uniform orange: the crest on his head makes him look like a rooster, hence the name

The tocororo is a bird endemic to Cuba, and it has been chosen as the nation’s symbol for its red, white, and blue plumage

The plumage of the vulture guinea fowl is almost mesmerizing!

The Paradisea calva is one of the so-called birds of paradise, which is one of the most beautiful in the world

The royal bird-of-paradise’s crimson feathers certainly don’t go unnoticed

The Pipra filicauda is so called because of its “thready” tail

The budgerigar is the most well-known of these birds, but its appearance is no different!

There is little to say about the beauty of Terpsiphon Paradise’s soaring tail!

These birds are among the most beautiful in the world, one could spend hours and hours admiring them!

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