12 Unlikely Hairstyles That Make The Hairdresser’s Skills Doubt

Accessories, clothes, makeup and especially hairstyles are nothing but the outward representation of a person’s character. Often, when a person walks into a hair salon, they try to explain in detail how they want to do their hair in order to show their inner self, or even their extravagance. But the hairdresser does not always manage to satisfy the wishes of the client.

Here are 12 unlikely hairstyles that will make you doubt the skill of the hairdresser.

1. The hairdresser may have gotten carried away


He cut his hair with clippers, but maybe he didn’t realize he was cutting too much.

2. They had a number written on their hair: who knows what it represents, it’s definitely not their age


3. “I wanted another haircut, but now I have to take it”


It might have been better if he evened out his hair.

4. They decided to draw pictures with their hair.


Maybe it would have been better if they hadn’t coated them with wax to give them that particular effect.

5. “Spectacular mustaches: the barber is a true artist”


He made a nice cut, transformed an ordinary mustache into something magical: the symbol of Batman.

6. A slightly eccentric cut: the strangest thing is perhaps the comic bubble


7. At this point, it would be best to shave straight from zero


“He could totally change his haircut, why let it grow to cover his line his baldness?”

8) “The question is not why he dyed his hair blue, but why he drew a frog on the back of his neck”


9. He decided to wear the Nike swoosh


This comma certainly does not go unnoticed, it could almost suggest that he is a Nike sponsor.

10. A haircut or a work of art?


11. He may have wanted to replicate a “Last of the Mohicans” haircut.


11. He may have wanted to replicate a “Last of the Mohicans” haircut.


Maybe it wasn’t the right choice.

Have you ever walked out of a hairdresser thinking they did a terrible job?

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