12 Times Where Husbands Were ‘abandoned’ While Their Wives Went Shopping.

It is said that men do not like shopping and usually go to the mall alone to accompany their partners. When the latter enter the shops, the former look for a couch to rest on and sometimes even sleep. The Instagram page miserable_men wanted to collect all those funniest images, depicting all those individuals waiting for their partner while she’s in the shops.

Here are 12 times men who were “abandoned” while their wives went shopping.

1. “Fortunately I brought him along so he can help me choose the fabrics”

He was supposed to help his wife choose fabrics to buy, but he fell asleep. Maybe he was bored.

2. “He looks like he’s having a nice weekend”

He was taken for shopping only to hold the clothes

3. He got bored while waiting for his partner and decided to sit in his son’s stroller

4. When you have to, you always find a way to relax

He wanted to sleep, but he had these big hats that bothered him: he put them on and fell asleep.

5. The picture shows the fate of men who accompany a woman shopping

They found each other in the same room.

6. “I don’t know what these men are doing, but judging by their attitude, they wait for their partners to finish shopping”

7. “No doubt he’s having a relaxing afternoon”

When you go to the mall, you should always make sure that there is an easy chair.

8. Judging by how he sleeps, this recliner should be comfortable

9. “Home sweet home”

Perhaps he had waited so long that he decided to make himself comfortable: he took off his shoes and lay down on the couch.

10. Why not get a relaxing massage while you wait: he settled into the chair and let himself be pampered

11. Its role is to hold clothes

At least he’s sitting, the wait would have been much worse if he had to stand for his wife to try on all the clothes.

12. He took advantage of it to sleep

Maybe all the seats were taken and he had to settle for a bench.

Have you ever had to wait for your partner while shopping? What do you do to pass the time?

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