12 scary, tight bathrooms that everyone runs away from.

Is there a better place than What better place to find some peace and quiet thanBath? Perhaps not because within those four walls our privacy and tranquility must always be respected and guaranteed. But are we sure that these concepts are always valid and clear? where to find some peace and serenity ? Probably not, because it is within those four walls that our privacy and tranquility should always be respected and guaranteed. But are we sure that these concepts are always valid and obvious?

Judging by the photos that’s not the case, as the people who took them have certainly had a special experience in the toilets that can be defined as memorable at least that we have collected below and that we are about to show you, it would seem not, given that the people who have taken them have certainly lived at least particular experiences finding themselves in toilets that to define as memorable would be an understatement. Incredible, disturbing, absurd, in bad taste:in short, these12 bathroomsare by no means the ideal places to let go and stay at ease for a while. Indeed, we are very sure that anyone entering it would instantly decide to go and look for others. If you have ever experienced similar situations, you will enjoy scrolling and rolling your eyes among these photos: scroll to discover them!

1. Like in a horror movie


Long corridor with bathroom at the end … and we want to talk about that gloomy window?

2. Better look for another one, what do you think?


3. How could that toilet bowl have been placed there?


One wonders when looking at this photo: a bathroom… with spectators?!

4. How many eyes are watching us?


Definitely too many to be in a bathroom!

5. When privacy is a totally unknown concept


6. Again, it’s not very difficult to peek inside…


Why would you put a door like that at the entrance to a toilet?

7. It’s anything but comfortable…


8. A bathroom… in the parking lot?


One of those scenes in front of which we don’t know what to say or how to react!

9. Password: embarrassment!


10. The picture speaks for itself – can we really call this a “bathroom”?

For some, perhaps the answer is yes, but it certainly isn’t easy to feel calm in there…

11. Originality yes, practicality who knows?

12. Decoration or real nightmare? Let’s hope it’s just an aesthetic “habit” with questionable taste…

Have you ever seen baths like these with your own eyes? What did you do once there?

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