11-year-old dies because of online trend – now family is warning others about the household item that took his life.

Social media can be a risky environment at times.

Tommie-Lee Billington, who was 11 years old, tragically passed away after attempting a well-known TikTok challenge.

Tommie, a boy from Lancaster, England, was having a sleepover at a friend’s house on Saturday. They found a challenge on TikTok and attempted it, but it ended in tragedy with Tommie losing his life.

The task is to breathe in harmful gases or substances that create a feeling of being high. Some examples are dry shampoo, spray deodorant, and glue.

As soon as Tommie breathed in the gas, he suffered a cardiac arrest and passed away immediately.

Tina Burns, his grandmother, mentioned that the hospital made every effort to revive him, but unfortunately, their attempts were unsuccessful. He had passed away.

He possessed a heart of pure gold, just like his father. Our family is completely shattered.

Sherri, Tommie’s mother, expressed that this social media app was responsible for her son’s tragic demise. She pleaded with parents to prevent their children from using it.

“This cost my son his life from trying something other kids are doing. Please talk to your children about the consequences of this. It is beyond me why anyone would even try this! It’s so dangerous! The mother, devastated, shared on Facebook.

“I have never felt pain like this. My whirlwind. I just love you so much mate. My baby boy. You will forever be in my heart. I will make sure to the best of my ability that your name and your beautiful face will become the reason that other children’s lives will be saved and other families don’t have to suffer this deep, deep hurt,” Her post ended with a powerful message that moved many to tears.

Another 13-year-old girl, Esra Haynes, also died in a tragic way due to this challenge before.

Tommie, may you find eternal peace.

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