11 Times Your Fund Got More Attention Than It Should

Usually, the most important part of a photograph is the one in the foreground. However, in some images, the background, and what is out of main focus, ends up attracting much more attention than the photographer initially imagined.

In the following gallery you will find 11 somewhat funny situations where what is really interesting is not in the foreground:

1. Nobody expected that.

2. Envy is an extremely visible feeling.

3. Director Wes Anderson “spoiled” this wonderful photo.

4. I hope the cat hasn’t been hurt after that.

5. Attack caught in the act.

6. The moon stole the show.

7. Pay attention to the men down there.

8. This man seems to have a giant arm.

9. When you attract and it looks like this, you know you’re doing the right thing.

10. “Three years ago, I married the love of my life and my sister passed out.”

11. “I was taking a picture of my girlfriend, when it finally dawned on me.”

Sometimes it’s a matter of paying full attention to the surroundings of an image to discover a new world. Share this fun gallery with your friends to make them smile.

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