11 Beautiful brides before and after they were made up for their wedding.

On the most important day they all look beautiful.

When a woman is going to get married, she tries to take care of all the aspects that surround her wedding and her appearance is obviously one of the topics that they choose most carefully. The choice of a makeup artist causes excitement to know how they will look.

Arber Bytyqi , from Prizrem Kosovo, is an expert on the subject, for several years he has dedicated himself to highlighting the beauty of the brides whom he does makeup.

She currently has more than 349,000 followers on Instagram and although she is dedicated to other makeup projects in addition to bridal, she has left a selection of her work that we leave below so that you can be surprised by her work.

Each makeup she chooses is different, some brides prefer a more natural look and others don’t mind that the change is forceful, for Arber the important thing is that they feel beautiful that day and whatever they choose.

“When I finished high school, my family did not want me to continue my studies in the fashion industry, because in our culture it is taboo for a man to work in it . So at first I graduated in Economics and then I followed my dream and started working as a make-up artist.”

Obviously Arber’s work has unleashed a furor, on social networks he has had very good comments about the results he obtains

What do you think about these makeups? Are they good or are they too much? Leave us your comments and share this note so everyone can see the work of this makeup artist.

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