10 Photos Of Lovely Mothers From The Animal Kingdom Showing Off Their Pregnancy.

For most women looking to start a family, pregnancy is a big and exciting time in their lives. Although at times it is exhausting, they look forward to the time to hold their baby in their arms.

The same thing happens in the animal kingdom, future mothers long for the moment to have their baby. Next we are going to see 10 images of mothers of different species with their bellies

1 Minium

Their pregnancy lasts about 11 weeks and they usually give birth to three babies.

2 Coyote

It takes nine weeks to gestate their babies, normally they have between 4 and 6 per litter, but they can have up to 9 pups at once.

3 Groundhog

Her pregnancy lasts 30 days, she has between 4 and 5 babies.

4 Monkey

An average of six months of gestation, like humans, macaques usually have one baby.

5 Leopard

Their pregnancy lasts from 90 to 100 days, they have between 2 and 3 puppies.

6 cheetah

This species gestates between 12 and 13 weeks, has three pups per pregnancy.

7 Goat

At five months pregnant, she gives birth to two to four babies.

8 Horse

Your pregnancy lasts about ten months, but it can last up to a year. She only has one baby, but twins can be born.

9 Gorilla

The species most similar to humans, their pregnancy lasts around nine months and they have only one baby. When they are born they also pick it up in their arms like humans.

10 Elephant

Their pregnancy lasts 22 months, almost two years, and they have only one pup at a time.

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